Understanding Football.

In 1925 it worked very well. The defenders were in charge of the defense, and the midfielders and forwards were in charge of the offense. Every game was played the same way, and no coach thought about trying a new plan because the plan that all teams used suited the game. Now every coach approaches the game differently, and none of those approaches are satisfying.
Why are we back to disorganization and anarchy?
The game, like geometry, begins with a hypothesis, and all development begins from that hypothesis. However, the geometry of soccer is based on two assumptions: the ball and the offside rule.
The first, like Euclid’s, is within the bounds of common sense and understandable to everyone. What we don’t understand is the conclusion of this rule. It is the person who organizes the team and gives the game its unique character.
This part of the game remains unknown and unexplored. We will investigate. Now we have to prove every claim we make, so we have to be more confident and less flashy. When I began to study philosophy as a student, the pre-Socratic theories seemed naïve to me. Only later, much later, did I realize the greatness of these men. They began by throwing overboard all the myths that previous generations had allowed and began to think for themselves.

They abandoned magical faith and used reason to understand the world. Even if their conclusions were wrong, they taught us to think and look for the truth behind appearances. I simply followed the same path: I didn’t believe what people who studied soccer told me, I started from scratch, I thought for myself, and, as you will see, this approach paid off, because I made important discoveries about the game that can only be learned by doing the moves.

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