Teaching my baby to swim

I enrolled my son in a swim class for babies under 12 months. Many in my family and circle of friends tell me that I am crazy, that I shouldn’t let my son suffer when he is still an infant, but I have found that my child really loves the water and enjoys spending every day in the pool. The first thing I did was provide him with the proper equipment at https://www.tiendanatacion.net, and then I signed him up for a baby swim class at my town’s municipal pool.
You’ve probably asked yourself, “Does my child need to learn to swim? The answer is, “It’s not necessary.” Swimming with children, as we understand it, is not just necessary or mandatory: in the water, children can experience a huge expansion of their motor capabilities compared to the movements they can do “on land,” which are still very limited.

And because a child’s physical and mental development go hand in hand in the first year of life, it has been proven that children who do swim develop better.
Therefore, the most important argument in favor of the decision to swim with children is quite another: how much fun our little ones have in the water!

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